Welcome To Our New Site and Blog

Hello and Welcome to our new blog page.  Thank you for coming along and joining us for this journey as we unveil so many AMAZING facets of the fashion industry. Get ready to be wowed by not only getting inside access to all of the Lifestyle Brand activities of the Dena Burton Collection which will include travel, food  and interior...just to name a few, but also getting useful information that will help you as a consumer to make wise choices.
Because we absolutely love visuals at The Dena Burton Collection we are not only going to bring you written content but we are going to do a Vlog once a week that will coincide with the wonderful information that we expound upon in the blog.  We can't wait to share with you and we'd love for it to be interactive.  So feel free to comment, and ask questions.  We look forward to developing a great relationship with all of our readers and customers. 
Stay tuned for our next post where we will discuss our inspiration for our newest collection.  See you soon! :)
 Love Dena